Kamaladi Complex 1951, Kamaladi, Kathmandu-31, Nepal

Office Hours (Except Holiday) 09:30AM - 05:30PM (Mon- Fri)

Corporate Goal


To maintain our strong market position by providing first class security and service topped with our customer friendly approach and proven track of excellent claim payment.


To become the customer’s first choice when selecting insurance products and service offered by the industry.

To operate by a code of conduct driven by a value system that promotes performance, integrity and personal growth in all dealings with shareholders.


To our clients

  • Adding value to our core services.
  • Exchanging knowledge and expertise which would contribute to understanding the market and the standards required to fulfill our clients’ expectations.

To our Company’s shareholders

  • Achieving a long term economic presence and significance.
  • Guaranteeing continuity and growth.
To our Employees
  • Maintaining the vitality of the work climate where employees feel the importance of trust and teamwork.
  • Supporting harmony of performance that encourages the achievement of excellence, which stems from our understanding of the important connection between good performance and the Company’s success.